Gas Heating Systems


ComfortLine wall mounted gas condensing combi boiler

Key Facts

- Wall mounted gas condensing boilers, sealed combustion chamber, for open flue or room sealed operation

- High standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] up to 110 % (net cv) / 99 % (gross cv) for the best possible energy efficiency

- Premix burner for natural gas E, LL and LPG, variable modulating heating output from 1.8 kW

- With expansion vessel, modulating high efficiency pump (EEI < 0.23) and 3-way valve as standard

- WOLF "ALUPro" coated heating water heat exchanger

- Efficient combustion technology with gas-adaptive, self-calibrating combustion controller that adjusts automatically to the gas quality (such as biogas)

- Automatic CO2 settings with self-calibrating combustion air controller for extremely clean combustion

- No overflow valve, no return temperature raising facility – for maximum utilisation of the condensing effect

- Convenient access to all components for quick installation and easy operation and maintenance

- Heating water heat exchanger can be pivoted under system pressure for maintenance without having to drain the heating water


Floorstanding gas condensing boiler for condensing operation and DHW heating for natural gas E, LL


    Compact design, fits through an 800 mm door


  • MGK-2_130
  • MGK-2_170
  • MGK-2_210
  • MGK-2_250
  • MGK-2_300


    Can be split for transportation
    largest module 1460 x 1295 x 790 mm


  • MGK-2_390
  • MGK-2_470
  • MGK-2_550
  • MGK-2_630


    Compact design, fits through a 1000 mm door
    Can be split for transportation largest module 1460 x 1295 x 790 mm


  • MGK-2_800
  • MGK-2_1000

Key Facts

- Modulation range 17 - 100 %

- Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] net cv up to 110 %

- No minimum volume of circulation water

- Option to integrate neutralising system set with booster and condensate removal pump

- Extremely quiet operation

- ISM7i LAN/WLAN module allows communication via smartphone, laptop or PC

- 0-10 V input for BMS system

- 230 V fault message output

- Common sensor connection option for low loss header

- Integral back draught safety device for flue cascade operation

- Possibility of cascade operation with up to 5 appliances

- Fully encased and thermally insulated

Heat Pumps


High efficiency air source heat pump designed as a single unit (monoblock) for indoor installation

Key Facts

- Air source heat pump for a maximum heating water temperature of 63 °C and a minimum air temperature of down to -25 °C

- Heat meter integral to the appliance (BAFA recognised)

- Electronic soft start for starting current limit

- Electronically controlled electric heating element, 6 kW (or 8 kW for BWL-1-14), for central heating backup and DHW heating according to demand in mono energetic operation

- Integral switch for high efficiency pump (EEI < 0.23) and changeover valve

- Anti-vibration connections

- Variable speed EC radial fan

- "Wolf Easy Connect System" with fully wired connection (including 5 m cable) from the heat pump to the WPM-1 heat pump manager

- Defrosting according to demand through natural or active defrosting (process reversal)

- Integral phase and rotary field monitors

- Discharge can be connected to the right or left; corner installation possible

- External increase in the system temperature using Smart Grid or on-site consumption of PV power

- Easy installation through direct connection of flow and return lines